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2015 GII Member Spotlight: She's Gettin' It In!

Kimberly Mason  | Published on 1/6/2015


So, it’s Saturday morning…. bike jersey, matching shorts, helmet, water bottles, snacks, socks and bike shoes at the ready! Oops, need my Tom Tom GPS watch, smaller earrings, my LG tones and my Oakleys. I’m in the zone… bike on rack, locked down, ready to roll!

I have come to realize, as a woman, my ability to balance my love life, home, work and play is no easy undertaking. In order to do so I have to take care of me, and taking care of me translates to Getting it In!

Sometimes the rides are tricked out with hills, added distance or overnight treks to conquer one of the many routes organized as a century ride! Whatever the drill, I never imagined bonding with both men and women on the wings of cycling. Whatever has happened on our rides has made me stronger, more confident and beaming with emissions of triumph. I have met some truly beautiful people and have thus expanded my circle of friends. More importantly, I have so many moments when I realized the beauty of the route we were riding made for the best stress relieving solution ever!

In closing, I wish to drop one small jewel for the women riders who may join GII and wonder how does this group of cyclist manage estrogen riding with testosterone, and A+ riders rolling with C- riders??? It’s done with unselfish dedication and a crazy love for the sport! The guys don’t treat us like we can’t ride like them; rather, they push, train, support and respect us. The one thing that may cause you a problem is if you pose as a Damsel in Distress! If you have your own gear, tools and at least look like you’re trying to fix your bike, they will respond!

I’m every woman, and I am a cyclist who loves Getting it In!

Grace and Peace,

Tracey Connor

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