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GII Rides with the Capitol Heights Chief of Police

Kimberly Mason  | Published on 8/16/2014

On Saturday, August 16, 2014, GII and Chief Anthony L. Ayers, Sr. of the Capitol Heights Police Department hosted a bike ride for all rider levels. There was a 4-mile loop around the town of Capitol Heights for beginning riders. For the advanced riders, there was a 41-mile ride which took riders around the Redskins Stadium, through Glenarden and past Flowers High School. Approximately, sixty-five cyclists participated in this event and it was a big success!




The ride raised money for the Capitol Heights Police Department Community Outreach Council (CHPDCOC). CHPDCOC is a nonprofit organization that serves the Capitol Heights and surrounding communities by providing and supporting social development programs. Their mission is to partner with others to increase the quality of life for the community by addressing social issues.



Chief Ayers began an initiative called "Bike with the Chief". Every second and forth Wednesday of each month, citizens meet with the Chief and ride for an hour through the Town. This activity encourages fitness, as well as gives the Chief time to talk with citizens about safety and crime issues.

The following video was recorded by Barron Darby.

What did some of the participants say about this ride?


D.I.V.A. Cycling: D.I.V.A. Cycling (formerly the Pink Divas) participated in the “GII Ride with Chief” on Saturday, Aug 16, 2014 and would like to thank Police Chief Anthony Ayers of Capitol Heights and Lloyd Mason of GII for an awesome and inspiring event. It is wonderful to see a community doing positive things and rallying around wonderful causes such as fitness, safety, and of course cycling. Furthermore, we would like to thank each cycling group that came out to support this event as well. Advocating for cycling is every cyclist’s responsibility. Every mile makes us visible-every mile makes a difference.


Terri Cooper: It was fun and such a good cause! I had a ball!




Kevin Ware: Awesome !!!!!!


Kevin Watkins: Great ride GII. Many thanks to the chief Anthony Ayers and his outstanding staff for support in the streets. Very professional and first class...


Jabari Clark: This was a great ride and I'm glad to see so many skill levels represented and helping one another. We will all reach our cycling goals.


Jennie Hawkins: Awesome route! Awesome day! Awesome people! It was so nice to see everyone. GII ROCKS! Thanks for another great outing!


Daryl Cullins: Great Cause, Great ride, Great People!


Steve: This was my best ride this year. The police support was great and, as always, it's great to ride with great folks.


Paris: What an incredible ride! The route, people, and support from the local police departments were top notch.


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