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GII Participates in Dawg Days of Summer Circuit Race

Kimberly Mason  | Published on 8/16/2015

GII's Race Team Participates in Dawg Days of Summer Circuit Race!

GII’s new race team is starting out with a bang!  If you haven’t seen them race, you missed it!  The race team participated in the 7th Annual Dawg Days of Summer Circuit Race on Sunday August 16, 2015 in Bowie, MD.  Our very own Mark Wimbush, Anthony Carter, Diane Harris, Ivan Place, Michael Truesdel and Maize Wimbush participated in the event.  Along with the racers, we had a large crowd of GII club members there to support each and every one of them.  This was truly a learning experience for our racers as they literally battled their way around the race course.

We would like to congratulate them all for their efforts and can’t wait for the next race.  Meet our racers that participated in Dawg Days:



Mark Wimbush is the GII Team Captain and Race Director. 


Mark is a great coach and mentor to our racers as well as

 the club members.  Mark stepped up from club rider to a professional USA Cycling racer.   Mark competed in the Men's Cat 5 Race.






Anthony Carter is our motivational rider and is a force to be reckoned with.  He pushes hard and motivates others to get out and ride for health and peace of mind.    Anthony competed in the Men's Cat 5 Race.






Ivan Place is another one of our racers that likes to train and help others in the club.  On any given ride you will see him working the pacelines and giving tips on how to ride more efficiently.  Ivan competed in the Men's Cat 5 Race.








Mike Truesdel pushes hard on every ride.  He constantly challenges himself to do better each and every time he rides.  When he’s not riding, he’s in the gym training.  Mike competed in the Men's Cat 5 Race.










Diane Harris is our female firecracker on the course.  When Diane races, the focus, drive and push comes out with a smile on her face.  Diane competed in the Women's Cat 4 Race.






Congratulations goes out to Maize Wimbush for finishing 1st place in the Girls 9/10 Category.  She is our youngest racer who rightfully deserves the nickname aMAIZEn. Just watching her race is amazing!



There's nothing like seeing the race first hand.  The following video footage was taken by Mark Wimbush as he averaged 25.1 mph around the circuit while competing in the Men's Cat 5 race.

About the GII Race Division

The GII race team’s objective is to promote cycling and racing as a safe and fun activity.  Our program will focus on bringing new youth, women and men into the sport.  Beyond racing, team training and group rides will be held to assist team members in meeting other racers and to help novice riders learn from those with more experience.   The program is open to all active GII club members, male and female, experienced and novice, young and old.  Interested riders are encouraged to contact the GII Race Director, Mark Wimbush, for more information or to become involved.  We welcome and encourage interested club members into supporting roles in the racing community.


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