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GII Member Spotlight: The Passion Within

Hello my fellow cyclists, my name is Javaz Huntington and I am honored to be GII's chosen Spotlight Member. 


I have a great passion for cycling and enjoy spending my free time on my bike. I’ve been road cycling for 2 ½ years and I enjoyed mountain biking as a kid.   To date, my longest ride was 102 miles and I hope to complete more century rides in the near future.  When I am not pushing papers & pedals, I enjoy volunteering, hitting the gym and traveling with my husband. My current fitness routine consists of weight training and HIIT a few times a week.  I keep my headphones close when I'm riding or hitting the gym. My current “Beast Mode track that stays on repeat is a classic throwback, “Notorious Thugs”, by Bone Thug-N-Harmony, this one keeps me moving and motivated.


You can't have a successful workout plan without concentrating on your diet, they go hand in hand. For the most part I am a healthy eater, lots of vegetables and lean protein, however my weakness is French Fries and my “side eye” food is Pizza with Pickles on top (yum)! A guilty pleasure that I don't eat often but as a reward to myself after I burn tons of calories.


I am very happy to be a member of Getting It In.  The organization and support of GII is remarkable.  The GII family welcomes all riders, regardless of experience and helps them become confident cyclists.  I am also an organizer for DIVA Cycling, a women’s cycling group whose mission is to inspire women cyclist in a safe cycle-friendly environment. I enjoy helping others when I can simply because I’ve had a village help me along the way to becoming a better cyclist.


Wherever the road and the ride take me is where I will go.  Looking forward to seeing everyone out there on the road.  Keep those pedals moving…  



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