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GII Code of Conduct

In order to assist all members to better serve the interests of those who participate in cycling, Getting it In Cyclists (GII) has implemented this Code of Conduct.

GII members, including guests, should practice good sportsmanship and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all cycling and non-cycling events and any online forums where members and guests represent GII.  Members and guests are to obey all trail rules and etiquette, and traffic regulations. This is to ensure your safety and the safety of others. 

GII has adopted the USA Cycling Code of Conduct and Athlete Protection Policy with changes as follows.


GII grants membership to individuals. The membership may, therefore, be terminated or denied at any time where GII leadership determines a member or prospective member's conduct is inconsistent with the mission of the club and those who participate in it.

The member’s welfare is paramount. Member protection is everybody’s responsibility and appropriate steps must be taken to reduce risk and safeguard individuals who have every right to be safe in the activities in which they are involved. All members, whatever their age, culture, disability, language, racial origin, religious belief, gender, sexual orientation and/or gender identification have a right to protection from abuse.


The following shall be considered violations of the GII Cyclist Code of Conduct:
(a) Any violation of the following:
Sexual Misconduct
Physical/Emotional Misconduct
Harassment/Bullying and Threats

(b) Providing alcohol to and the abuse of alcohol in the presence of an individual under the age of twenty-one (21), by an athlete, coach, official, trainer, or a person who, in the context of cycling, is in a position of authority over that individual.

(c) Any act of fraud, deception, or dishonesty in connection with any GII cycling-related activity.

(d) Any intentional damage to private or public property while at a cycling event, race venue, or damage to GII cycling property.


All suspicions and allegations of abuse, misconduct or violations of the GII Code of Conduct will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately. When a violation of this code is reported, the GII Board will conduct an investigation.  Each violation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  Violation of this code may result in termination/suspension of membership, the inability to ride with GII, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.  Any person witnessing, or having a reasonable suspicion of, a violation of the GII Cyclists Code of Conduct must immediately report the violation to the GII President, Vice President, Board Member, or Ride Leader.  GII has ZERO TOLERANCE for abuse and misconduct.


It is a violation of this Code of Conduct if GII Leadership knows of misconduct, but takes no action to intervene on behalf of the member(s) and/or volunteer.