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GII has rides for all levels.  Here is a description of the typical rides that are offered throughout the cycling season.  Our club cycling season typically runs from late April to the beginning of October.  

Weekly Rides

Monday Morning Chillax (C or N): Offered on Monday mornings starting in White Plains, MD.  There are three route options - Trail (up to 26 miles), 34 miles or 42 miles. This is a nice relaxed ride with some elevation.  The first 13 miles are on the Indian Head Rail Trail, so if you are a new rider, you have the option of staying on the trail and heading back when ready.  If you are a slower rider, it is recommended that you leave before the start time to get a head start.  There is no SAG.

Monday Motivation (A, B, or C): Offered on Mondays starting in Bowie, MD.  The route is about 20 miles. A lot of the cyclists on this ride use this route to work on their speed.  If you are a slower rider, it is recommended that you leave before the start time to get a head start. There is no SAG.

Tuesday Hill Training (A, B, or C): Offered Tuesdays starting in Alexandria, VA.  There are two routes, a 23-mile route for more advanced riders and a 19-mile route that eliminates some of the big climbs. The first half of this route includes a good amount of elevation that cyclists use to practice their climbing.  Midway through the ride, people re-group at a park.  Because the 2nd half of the ride has a lot less elevation, some riders use this half of the ride to work on their speed. There is no SAG. 

Hump Day Ride (C or N): Offered Wednesdays from Accokeek, MD.  This is a 19-mile ride geared towards beginners.  During this ride, the focus is on learning to ride on the road, learning how to ride in groups and pacelines, riding etiquette, and cycling safety. There is no SAG.

Trash Talking Thursday aka TTT ( A, B, or C): Offered Thursdays from Brandywine, MD. There is a 23 mile advanced route and a 20 mile shorter route that eliminates some of the hills.  A lot of the cyclists on this ride use this route to work on their speed.  Some of the riders doing the advanced route have a friendly competition to get to the end of this ride first for a chance to stand on the TTT podium each week.  If you are a slower rider, it’s recommended that you leave a little before the start time to get a head start. There is no SAG.

Other Rides

Saturday Morning Road Rides (A, B, or C): Offered Saturdays throughout the full year, weather permitting. During the winter these rides are 30-40 miles for riders to get base miles under their belt.  Once the cycling season starts, these rides will usually have two options; one that could be over 50 miles and one under 50 miles. These rides will start from a variety of locations typically in Southern Maryland, Prince George's County, Montgomery County, or Northern Virginia.  SAG is normally available for these rides.  

Trailblazers (C or N):  These rides are offered on Saturdays as an alternative to the  Road Rides.  Trailblazer rides are for people who enjoy riding the trails.  The location of the trails change each week and sometimes include a portion of the ride on the road.  Riders have the option to shorten their ride at any point because they can usually turn back on the trail when ready to head back. There is no SAG.

N.E.O. Road (N): N.E.O. Road stands for Novice Educated On the Road.  This ride is aimed towards new and casual riders.  This ride is offered once a month on Sundays throughout the cycling season. There will be a pace leader to keep most of the group together and a sweeper to stay back and ensure no cyclist is left behind. The starting location will vary each time. The rides will always be 10 miles or under and include a lesson on something cyclists need to know.  Check the Meetup schedule to find out the topics for each month and to get the start locations.  There will be SAG available for these rides. 


How GII's Rides Work

Meetup is where we keep all of the logistics for our rides.  For any ride that you choose to join, you must RSVP there.  Pay attention to changes in Meetup to learn if a ride has been canceled or modified for any reason (like forecasted rain). Click HERE for the GII Meetup site.

Pace is listed in parentheses before the description to help you determine if the ride suits your ability.  On this page, we determine pace by using AMS (Average Moving Speed).  Keep in mind that the AMS during a ride can be impacted by elevation, wind, and other environmental factors.  


A: 20+ Mph AMS

B: 18-19 Mph AMS

C: 15-17 Mph AMS

N: New or Casual Rider Friendly

SAG is short for Support and Gear. When SAG is provided, we have at least one vehicle that drives the route to offer support throughout the ride.  The driver will help in the event a rider has a bicycle mechanical issue or other situations that prevent them from finishing a ride.  It’s not for people who “biked- off” more than they can handle and are just too tired to finish.  Although the driver may sometimes help with flat tires, it is expected that all cyclists know how to change their own tire and carry the proper tools to do so.  On rides where there is a SAG, cyclists are asked to donate to the driver to cover their time and expenses incurred. Where there is no SAG offered, cyclists must be prepared to help themselves in the event of an emergency.  Be sure to always have the route.

Routes are provided for all members via Ride with GPS.  The routes for the rides are found on Meetup.  Routes can be uploaded to your bike computers or you can use the voice turn by turn.  Click HERE for more information on how to use these features.  This service is free for GII club members.  

Cyclist Responsibilities 

  • Arrive early to check-in and be ready to leave on time
  • Helmets are mandatory
  • Carry a spare tube, patch kit, pump, water bottle, and snack at a minimum
  • Carry identification and emergency money
  • Practice safety and obey all traffic laws
  • Go on rides within your ability, interest, and experience level
  • If you get a flat tire, you are responsible for changing your tire
  • Make sure your bicycle is in proper working order before you arrive
  • Need everyone to be able to hear other riders, cars, etc. Single earpiece for Nav/GPS is okay. No loud music.