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GII Code of Conduct - Physical/Emotional Misconduct Policy


A content athlete is more likely to be successful than a harassed or abused one.  Cycling provides individuals with lifelong skills, makes them physically and mentally tough, and as a result, these individuals are better equipped to deal with a multitude of challenges.  Cycling involves strenuous physical activity; when cycling, members regularly push themselves to the point of exhaustion.  The wide range of emotions athletes experience in practice and competition are normal, healthy components of cycling.  However, any activity that physically or emotionally harms a member is unacceptable.  There are no overtly physical signs of emotional or psychological abuse/misconduct, but the absence of these signs does not make it any less serious. The best way to promote safe conditions is to set clear boundaries.

Physical/Emotional misconduct involves contact or non-contact behavior that can cause physical or emotional harm to member.  It also includes any act or conduct described as physical abuse or misconduct under federal or state law (i.e. child abuse, child neglect and assault).  Generally physical and emotional misconduct can involve any of the following acts:

Examples of physical and emotional misconduct prohibited under this policy include, without limitation:
1. Contact Offenses
  • Punching, beating, biting, striking, choking, slapping or any similar act towards any participant
  • Intentionally hitting any participant with objects
  • Providing alcohol to an athlete under the age of 21
  • Providing illegal drugs or non-prescribed medications
  2. Non-Contact Offenses
  • Punching, hitting, kicking walls, windows, or other similar objects in a manner likely to intimidate other present participants 
  • Verbally attacking an athlete personally (i.e. calling them worthless, fat, or disgusting)
  • Repeatedly and excessively yelling at individuals in a manner that serves no productive training or motivational purpose

Physical and emotional misconduct does not include professionally accepted methods of skill enhancement, physical conditioning, team building, assistance with stretching, bumping exercises (exercises performed during practice to build an individual’s ability to withstand “bumping” that occurs between riders during road races), seat post holding.  If an athlete is uncomfortable, however, with any example mentioned herein, said athlete should notify his/her coach immediately.  Constructive criticism about an individual’s performance is not emotional misconduct.  Emotional misconduct must have a ‘sustained’ and/or ‘repetitive’ component or be seen as a course of conduct; it is not a single event. 

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